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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 - Do you stay on budget and within projected time frames?

Within each project agreement a reasonable time frame and budget are outlined and signed by all parties before the project begins. Unless there is an Act of God or some materials change made by the customer during construction each project will be completed on time and on budget. 
Q2 - How many of your customers come from repeat business or referrals from past clients?

We are proud to say that almost 80% of our customers come to us from referrals. You can see from our client references that there is a reason for our loyal client base.

Q3 - Can you design our house for us or can you recommend a good architect?

Yes, we can design your home and create a full set of building plans. Once we agree on the design, we send the plans to a certified Structural Engineering Firm to provide all of the necessary structural specifications from the foundation to the roof. This process is not only much cheaper but our clients have much more input in the design and have the ability to make changes easily before the final plans are completed. Also, our CAD system allows us to create full 3D renderings of the home and each room including furniture, tile selections, colors, etc. Our clients will know what the finished project will look like before we start. We also have worked with many fine Architects and can recommend one for our client if they would prefer working that way. 

Q4 - What about change orders?

Each project has a specific set of plans that all parties agree to prior to construction. If the customer decides that they would like to make a change that has a material affect on the timing or cost of the project a Change Order will be completed and signed by all parties. The change order will specify the change and the time and cost impact of the change(s). If a desired change will not impact cost or timing of the project, a change order will be created with no additional cost to the client.

Q5 - What about materials?

Some clients are interested in energy efficiency others are interested in style, longevity or cost. All materials are specified in each contract. Materials are initially selected based on client feedback. Some clients are interested in energy efficiency others in longevity or cost. We work with our clients to help them make selections that meet their needs. If a materials is not available we will work with the client to acquire an equal substitute.No materials will be used without client approval.

Q6 - What should I ask a contractor as I consider which one to choose?

Obviously, you want a contractor that can provide some recent references. It also helps if they are certified by the Better Business Bureau. Some opening questions should be: How long have you been in business? Have you ever completed a project like this one? Are you bonded and do you have insurance? If you use sub-contractors are they bonded and insured? Do you have any complaints filed against you at the State Licensing Board? Any legitimate General Contractor will be happy to answer these questions. 

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